How to Write Perfect Email Subject Lines in 2021

How to Write Perfect Email Subject Lines in 2022

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of communicating with the customers you have. Email subject lines are the gateway to getting customers to read your emails. 

There is a lot of talk about writing better emails and the first way to ensure you do this and write better subject lines.

These subject lines should immediately make the reader want to open and read your email and not delete it. 

Writing a good email subject line is a critical part of being a good marketer. You must have a subject line that catches the attention of the customer. There are plenty of different approaches that have worked to get attention in the inbox.

Here are the 12 ways to write email subject lines that your customers can’t resist reading.

1. Be Specific

One of the most important parts of every email marketing campaign is the subject line. Without a good subject line, your email will most likely end up in a trash or spam folder.

You might have noticed that even the smallest changes in the subject line are capable of making a big difference.

The subject line of your email is the first thing the recipient will notice so you have to make sure it will attract their attention. If your subject line is too generic, it will not catch the person’s attention.

2. Use Numbers

The best way to secure a click in your email subject lines is to use numbers. According to research done by The Relevance Group, 25% of the top email marketers use numbers in their email subject lines.

Now if you think that numbers are something that will only work for e-commerce retailers then you are mistaken. For example, if you are running a promotion, then you can use something like “50% OFF TODAY!”

3. Share Useful Information

Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your customers and potential leads.

Make sure your email marketing is effective by sending emails with subject lines that entice readers to open and read. To do this, focus on providing useful content in the emails you send.

Your emails should not be focused on how to get people to buy things. Instead, they should be focused on providing valuable content that your readers will want to read.

If you are not sure what types of information your readers want, ask them. Offer a survey in exchange for their email address. This way, you can get a feel for what they want to read.

4. Make it Clear

Email subject lines are often overlooked, but they can help or hurt your marketing efforts. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a low open rate and a lot of angry customers.

Your customers are busy people, and they won’t take the time to read long and complicated subject lines. To keep open rates high and customers happy, keep your subject lines short and to the point.

5. Make it Interesting

If you’re new to email marketing, one of the first things you learn is that your subject line is the most important part of your email. It’s what makes or breaks your campaign, and whether or not your target audience opens up your message.

A good subject line is engaging, and makes the reader curious, while a bad subject line is dull, misleading, or just plain boring. But how do you make a good subject line?

There are a few tricks to writing good subject lines, but the best way is to know your readers.

What are they interested in? What do they care about? What are their biggest problems? When you know what your readers are looking for, you can give it to them in your subject lines.

6. Link to Something

Link to something in the content. This is a very important part of the subject line.

For example, if you are discussing PPC in your blog post, link to the Google AdWords site in the subject line.

If you are writing about local restaurants in your blog post, link to Google Maps. The more relevant the link, the better the chance the reader will click on it.

7. Include a Question

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies. But how do you write good email subject lines?

If you want to write great subject lines that will help you increase your open rate then you must learn how to write email subject lines that include a question.

It has been proven that email subject lines with questions get 34% more clicks than those without. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Can you afford $15,000 in lost revenue? 
  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before Doing Your Taxes?

8. Identify yourself

Who are you? Are you the person that gets the email or the one that will read it? Are you the one that wrote it or the one that will read it?

The answer to this question is the key to writing the best email subject lines. The reader should get an idea of who it’s from and who will read it.

You can identify yourself in many ways. You can list the name of the company or the list. It could be the job title, like “HR Manager”, or it could be “Customer Support”.

If you are the manager, you could write “From the desk of…” or “From the desk of the CEO”.

9. Use Words that Evoke Emotion

When writing email subject lines, it is important to use words that evoke emotion. This is because the subject line is the first thing that will catch the person’s eye.

The subject line will also be seen in bold letters when an email is first received.

If the subject line does not catch the person’s interest immediately, then the email will likely be deleted and never read.

That’s why it is important to use words that will grab the person’s attention and make them want to open the email.

10. Use Humor

It is really important to use humor in your email, especially if you’re trying to get someone to take you seriously.

Even if the email is business-related, using humor will help your readers remember it and help them to build positive feelings towards your business.

Humor also allows you to stand out from the regular email and helps you to make a connection with your reader.

11. Be Time Specific

One of the best ways to write an email subject line is to be time-specific. This helps your readers to know exactly when to expect your email and makes them want to open it.

If your email is going to be sent in a week, make sure you tell the reader that. If your email is going to be sent in a month, make sure you tell the reader that.

If your email is going to be sent in a day, make sure you tell the reader that. Don’t let your readers wonder when they’re going to get your email. Instead, tell them when they’re going to get your email.

12. Be Personal

It’s no secret that personalization sells. People want to feel like they are being spoken to, not being spoken at.

A personal touch can go a long way, even in your emails. That’s why it’s important to use the name of the recipient in your emails.

This doesn’t always mean you have to include their name, but if this is possible, you should use it. You can also use things like their location or interests to personalize your email.

And it’s not just about the person you are emailing, but it’s also important to personalize the content of your email.


Writing email subject lines can be difficult. There are so many things to consider, like what is the purpose of the email? Are you trying to sell something?

What emotions are you trying to evoke? If you want to write better email subject lines, or attract more attention to your emails, or make your emails easier to read or make your email stand out more.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about writing email subject lines. We know that an email is still a popular form of communication, and we wanted to supply you with some tips and tricks for writing the best email subject lines!

If you would like to learn more about email subject lines, we’re happy to help. And, if you like this post, then be sure to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

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