How to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes in 2021

How to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes in 2022

As we continue to move towards a more technology-driven world, we need to be able to communicate in a manner that technology will understand.

One of the hardest parts of communication is writing. We all know that English can be a bit of a tricky language and it is not easy to get the right mix of words to say what we need to say. 

Everyone wants to write their blogs or articles well. From thoughts to words to presentation, you need to do everything you can to make the writing as effective as possible.

However, as you can see from the example below, many people don’t know how to write something good and they make a lot of mistakes.

This article will look at what we need to know when it comes to writing and how we can avoid some of the common mistakes.

1. Asking Questions in the Wrong Place

One of the most common writing mistakes I see are questions being asked in the wrong place. For example, when people ask questions at the end of their sentences or in the middle of their sentences.

If you are asking a question then you want to make sure that you are asking it in the right place. For example, instead of saying, “I want to know,” you would say, “I would like to know.”

This is because the “I want to know,” makes it sound like you are not making a statement.

You want to make sure you are stating your questions correctly so that you are making a statement instead of sounding like you are asking a question.

2. Not Using Abbreviations

People tend to use abbreviations in their everyday lives. We shorten words and phrases so much that we don’t even notice that we are doing it.

In writing, abbreviations can turn a well-written piece into a jumbled mess. The problem is that abbreviations are often used to save space and time.

People don’t want to spend an extra minute or two typing out a word when they don’t have to. But when you are writing for the public, you have to keep in mind that your reader will appreciate your time and effort.

3. Unnecessary Repetition of Words

One of the most common writing mistakes that many people make from time to time is repeating the same word unnecessarily.

It is often caused by the writer’s inability to think of a synonym of a particular word or use a particular word in a sentence twice by mistake.

However, there is a simple trick you can use to avoid this kind of mistake forever. It is called “The Copy and Paste Trick”. It is a simple solution for a common problem.

All it takes is a little knowledge of how to use the copy and paste features in Word or a similar text editor.

This is a quick and simple solution that can save you from many mistakes in your writing from now on.

4. Incorrect Dashes

The dash is a punctuation mark that is typically used in place of a colon or pair of commas. There are two kinds of dashes: the en dash and the em dash.

The en dash is a bit longer than a hyphen and is used when you want to draw a comparison between two things, such as in a range of years (“1990–1996,” for example).

The em dash is a bit longer than a hyphen and is used when you want to emphasize something or when a sentence is broken in the middle.

5. Omitting Capital Letters

A common mistake people make when writing is to omit capital letters.

Although this is a very common mistake made, it is not correct. Capital letters are used to emphasize a specific word within a sentence.

If you do not use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, it is assumed that the sentence is not a complete sentence and therefore, not an independent clause.

6. Preposition Mistakes

Preposition mistakes occur when you use a preposition to represent a place where something should be. For example, instead of writing “The waiter took the plate from the table,” you should write “The waiter took the plate from the table to the kitchen.”

In the first example, the preposition “from” is used incorrectly to represent a place where the plate should be. In this case, it should have been from the table to the kitchen.

The correct way to use a preposition is to use it to represent a place to which something “goes,” not a place from which something “comes.”

The second example represents a better use of a preposition. It uses the preposition correctly to represent a place to which the plate should go.

7. Avoiding Repetition

Repetition in writing can be very annoying and, sometimes, a very serious problem. When it happens, it can be a challenge to fix.

You may not realize how often you are using the same word or phrase over and over again in a short paragraph. This can be a problem for several reasons.

In some cases, it can make your writing difficult to understand. In other cases, it can make your writing seem boring and/or repetitive. And in still other cases, it can be a problem for a different reason entirely.

No matter what the cause, repetition is a problem that can be easily fixed by taking a few minutes to read through what you have written and looking for instances of the same word or phrase being used more than once.

8. Don’t Write in the Past Tense Unless Necessary

One of the most common writing mistakes is the use of the past tense. It’s very common for people to write in the past tense, even when the action of the sentence is taking place in the present.

It’s easy to see why it happens. We’re trained to use the past tense in school. We’re often taught that it’s more professional, more serious, and more objective.

However, the truth is that the past tense is rarely necessary. It’s also often awkward and can be confusing to readers. The same goes for using the future tense.

9. Don’t Use Too Many Colons.

Colons are used to introduce lists, separate independent clauses, and introduce long or formal statements.

Many people use too many colons in their writing, which can be confusing to the reader. Colons are used to direct attention to what comes after them.

If you are not following with something that needs to be directed attention to, then you are probably using too many colons.


Writing is a valuable skill and we must continue to refine and improve upon it.

While we often focus on basic grammar and spelling, we often forget about the more advanced ways we can improve our writing and avoid silly mistakes.

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to avoid common writing mistakes. Writing regularly is a great way to improve your writing and to help you succeed with your writing.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing more and see your writing skills improve every day!

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