Hi! I’m Robert. I’m a writer and my alma mater is the University of British Columbia.

Not only have I been featured on Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Freelance Writing, Tailwind, The Penny Hoarder, Infusion Soft, Smart Blogger and many other publications but I’ve also earned accolades for being an expert writing mentor.

I’ve helped people to start their careers in freelance writing by showing them how to fine-tune their on-boarding processes, identifying their strengths and helping them find fulfillment through this form of work that they are passionate about.



My first experience with being a freelance writer took place in Toronto, Canada back in 2005 when I began writing content for Wheels – a division of the Toronto Star.

This had allowed me to really create an impression of my knowledge on the subject matter so much so that this then led to further opportunities within the same field with Psych Central and collaborations with various other digital media brands like OptinMonster, Sendible, Blogging Wizard, Smart Blogger, PageWiz, Brand24, Klear and Smarp.

I’ve helped thousands of writers find their first freelance writing job and go on to make a living from this.

My Goal for you:

I’ll help you realize the dream of becoming an author: You’ll learn how to harness and publish your creativity and build a book.

You’ll also find yourself in the company of other aspiring authors, which will allow you to create lasting relationships that are sure to boost your career!